Upload your videos and share them worldwide. Vote your favorite content with the integrated token system.


MakeItViral is a video sharing platform that differs in various ways from other social medias. The users, both the viewers & the ones who upload will have a new experience in MakeItViral. During the concept development, it was aimed to eliminate various defects keeping in the context many video sharing platforms, along with guaranteeing benefits for both kind of users.

We aimed to create a banner-free platform for a more enjoyable website/app for viewers, seeking at the same time to help uploaders though our micro-donations system but to avoid the stress of unpaid (& without waiting) from advertising affiliations at the same time.

In order to get the above job done, we elaborated a ranking system: Uploaders will have a new receiving address as soon as they will upload a video. Through this address they will be able to receive tokens from the viewers.

Additionally, this ranking system will collocate the descending order of videos, so the video with the higher amount of MIV will be on the top.

In this way, uploaders have the possibility to receive tokens from viewers and at the same time self-promote sending MIV to the address linked to their videos.

In addition we will also help the growth and popularity of the platforms by giving free MIV to active and registered users. It will also reach people having no involvement in the cryptoworld;

Our aim is to be known by everyone.

Advantages of using MakeItViral as a viewer:

  •   Very low number (if even none) of banners
  •   Possibility to send micro-donations
  • Contribute to the Viral/Popularity of the video
  •   Free MIV distribution

Advantages of using MakeItViral as an Uploader:

  •   No missing payments from Ads Affiliations
  •   No more Chargebacks from payments processors
  •   Less Fee
  •   Possibility to self-promote your content
  •   Accept micro-donations
  •   Happier viewers -> Increase Fanbase on MakeItViral
  •   Reach new users through the ranking system, increasing the audience

Real-Time statistics of your video

Visit the stats page of your video to check the number of MIV a video possess. Infact the actual ranking and latest donations that have been received.

User-Friendly layout

Simple is the solution to donate MIV. Conceding to a user-friendly and intuitive graphics, everyone will have the access to donate MIV to videos they find favourite without affecting the overall experience.

Innovative Ranking System

The new system will put the videos with the highest amount of MIV on the top. Additionally, amount of tokens will decide the visibility of the access to be taken by the video. The highest number of tokens received by the video will be on the top.



MIV will be used as the token of Make It Viral platform and users will use MIV to interact with each other.

30 Billion MIV will be given during the crowdfunding and will be distributed in various phases.

Date and Rates to be Announced

For any further information about the Crowdfunding process, check our MIV terms, our announcement on Bitcointalk.org and feel free to contact us at support@miv.life

Frequently Asked Questions

MakeItViral is an innovative video sharing platform that will bring users to a novel motive of entertainment.
MIV is a token of MakeItViral which will permit users to interact with each other. There usage concerns in many ways, i.e. microdonation and advertising.
Users can participate in the crowdfunding by signing up to the website, registering the relevant information and sending BTC to the targeted address
Funds raised will be used for developing the platform (both web version and mobile app), legal cost, company cost, renting/buying infrastructure, hiring developers, advertising the platform and everything else that will be related to the project.
Unsold MIV will be held by the Team. They will be used for a 2nd crowdfunding (if necessary) or included in the “Free Giveaway Pool” (*take a look at the whitepaper for more information)
500 Million MIV (1% of the initial supply) will be allocated to the bounty program.
Bounty will start on 20th of June 2017
To participate in the Bounty, one needs to visit the official announcement (insert link to bounty), to get acknowledged with the rules and compile the form with the credentials provided.
At the moment, wallets are used for windows (link, mirror) and Linux (link, mirror)
Initially, it is aimed to render the platform user-friendly for utilizing MIV with built-in wallet. It will be easy and comprehensive.
Detailed information could be found on WhitePaper and Bitcointalk. Users could be updated through the social channel.